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About Incluzia

Incluzia is collaboratively creating an accessible and inclusive Canada. Specializing in evidence-based training, tools and consultation, Incluzia was founded by Marnie Courage, occupational therapist and industry leader in accessible housing, public accessibility, universal design and the impacts of aging and disability on the human experience. To support our national clients, we have team members located in Winnipeg and Toronto, Canada. 

Vision: Incluzia is our future world, one that is fully inclusive and accessible to older adults and people with disabilities.


Mission: To collaboratively create an inclusive and accessible world through transformational training, tools and consultation.

Values: Inclusion, Connection, Collaboration and Contribution

Incluzia engages older adults and people who are Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent in the development and testing of our training, tools and consultation. We also partner with non-profit disability organizations to meet our common goals.

Some of our contributions:

  • Developing content for Canadian accessibility standards and design guidelines;

  • Providing accessibility consulting services to the Government of Canada and other national organizations, and;

  • Advocating for accessibility, equity, and human rights for persons with disabilities and older adults. 


Partnering with international accessibility and aging stakeholders, the positive impacts of these joint efforts are amplified to increase global accessibility and inclusion.

Incluzia was founded as a sister company to Winnipeg-based Enabling Access Inc. which continues to provide occupational therapy services supporting people with disabilities and older adults.

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