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Communicating with Sign Language

Accessibility Auditing and Consultation

Our accessibility and inclusion experts across Canada provide auditing and consultation services that can help you reach your project goals and move beyond to help create an accessible and inclusive world!


We collaborate with you, your stakeholders and engage people with cross-disability representation who have lived experience facing barriers.  


Our knowledge and expertise can be applied to your accessible housing or accessible workplace project to ensure you creating inclusive environments and experiences. We help you accessibility legislation obligations and relevant accessibility standards.

Find out how we can add value to your Accessibile Housing or  Disability Equity and Inclusion efforts through collaborative services that result in high impact, sustainable, and cost-effective accessibility and inclusion solutions.


Man in wheelchair using a stovetop modified for accessibility

Accessible Housing

Auditing and Consultation on Accessible Housing Projects

Built Environment Accessibility Auditing: Man with support dog going up the stairs in an office building

Accessible Workplaces 

and Public Spaces

Auditing and Consultation of the Built Environment, Policies, Procedures and more.

Are you interested in creating an accessible and inclusive Canada with us?

We would love to hear from you!

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