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Meet our Team 

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Marnie Courage

Founder, Accessibility and Inclusion Strategist (Winnipeg)

Marnie is an Occupational Therapist,  Universal Design and Accessible Housing Consultant, Educator with passion for collaboratively working with stakeholders to create equitable opportunities and experiences for older adults and people with disabilities.

Read Marnie Courage Full Bio

Headshot of Mary Neilans smiling

Mary Neilans

Lead Public Accessibility Consultant


Mary works with businesses and organizations to develop inclusive policies, plans, procedures, and customized training to help create accessible workplaces and communities.


Christina Edwards

Administrative and Customer Support (Winnipeg) 

Christina is a detail-oriented efficiency solutions master. She is passionate about ensuring successful project management, and coordinating our Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Consultant experiences.

Headshot of Angela McMillan smiling

Angela McMillian

Disability Inclusion Consultant

Angela is an Occupational Therapist creating evidence-based assessment tools that aim to evaluate the impact of disability and help people find accessible housing options in Canada.

Headshot of Amanda Ameis smiling

Amanda Ameis

Disability Inclusion Consultant

Amanda is an Occupational Therapist who creates assessment tools and consults on disability impact programs to ensure equitable access.

Photo of a male Incluzia Accessiblity Advisory Consultant using a touch-screen system

Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Advisory Consultants

 Incluzia collaborates with our Disability Inclusion and Accessibly Advisory Conultants including community members across Canada who share their lived experience and expertise to provide guidance and input in our accessibility and disability inclusion projects. 

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Incluzia's Digital Accessibility Team 

Incluzia's digital accessibility partners are located in Winnipeg and Toronto and assist our customers in identifying barriers to their websites, applications, social platforms, and documentation. We provide auditing and consultation to ensure our customers are digitally accessible to all!

Are you interested in creating an accessible and inclusive Canada with us?

We would love to hear from you!

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