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Disability Rights and Accessibility Advocacy

At Incluzia, we are taking action to change policy, legislation and programs that improve financial support, accessibility and quality of life with, and for, older adults and people with disabilities. The following are some of our contributions.

Rally of people outside of Parliment Hill in Ottawa

Bill C-22 Canadian Disability Benefit Advocacy

On October 19, 2022 we participated in the Rally at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, led by Disability Without Poverty, to support the fast-tracking of Bill C-22 to become law in Canada This was during the same week as the UN Day for the Elimination of Poverty. 


Here are the issues DWP has outlined:

  1. Ending disability poverty is an act of love and justice. Every Canadian regardless of disability should be able to afford the basic essentials of life and to enthusiastically participate in society without financial, physical or social barriers.

  2. Canada has the resources to end disability poverty, as demonstrated by other targeted benefits for children and seniors.

  3. Breakthroughs happen during periods of societal upheaval. COVID-19 exposed the discrimination and inequities people with disabilities experience, particularly regarding access to financial resources.

  4. 22% of Canadians and 24% of British Columbians are disabled and are disproportionately living in poverty. Nationally, disabled people represent 41% of those living below the poverty line. But that’s a lot of people! We have more power than we think, especially when we team up with our allies, to mobilize and create change.


Aging in Place Home Modification Advocacy

Incluzia is advocating to both provincial and federal governments for increased supports for home modifications to meet the growing of accessible and affordable housing for people with disabilities and older adults in Canada. 

Incluzia volunteers presentations to groups evidence-based research on the positive impacts of home modifications in the prevention of falls, premature and inappropriate admissions into long-term care facilities and to promote social engagement and well-being in alignment with the public demands for continued community-based living to thrive in place as we age. 

Photo of hand adding lever handles to a door
Photo of front of house with universally designed entrance

Universal Design Education and Advocacy

Incluzia's founder, Marnie Courage, is a volunteer Board Member of the Universal Design Network of Canada. The network is contributing to increasing professional capacity and public awareness the application of universal design in the areas of built environment, product design, learning, Information, communication and technology, learning, outdoor spaces and transportation.

With a specialty in Accessible Housing, Incluzia is working with designers, builders and developers, to collaborate and provides education on the principles of universal design, sustainability of designing housing right the first time, without need for future modifications with changing occupant needs.

Within public spaces our built environment audits include education with businesses and organizations on the benefits of universal design solutions to increase accessibility and inclusion in our communities.

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