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Accessible Housing Auditing
and Consultation  

Accessible bathroom including step-free shower and sink that accommodates a wheelchair

Single Family Accessible Housing: LifeSpan Living

Considering age-related changes throughout our lifespan, our living environments need to adapt and change with us. Find out from our accessibility and inclusion experts how to create beautiful, sensory rich living environments that can positively impact health, safety, accessibility and participation in meaningful activities!

Future proof your accessible housing project by including universal design and adaptable design features that increase accessibility, safety and optimize functional participation throughout the lifespan.


Learn about high impact home automation technology and accessibility equipment solutions from our accessibility and inclusion experts who can share national and international accessibility design standards that not only increase ease of living but can also increase property value!

Whether you are designing for someone with a disability, progressive illness, or just want to prevent a move in later life, our consultants can audit your plans and help you design a home to thrive in place!


Accessible Kitchen in an apartment suite featuring wheelchair accessible sink and stove

Multi-unit Accessible Housing: Inclusive Living

On projects where public space and private residential dwellings meet, you may be challenged with creating an accessible property, working with limited available square feet and budget. 


Our accessibility and inclusion experts share high impact design considerations that can meet Canadian Public Spaces and Accessible Dwelling Standards while offering sustainable accessibility solutions that can accommodate the needs of current and future occupants. 

With our national experience, we can share funding opportunities and help write grant proposals using strategic accessibility terminology and outcome measures.


We can provide consultation at all project phases from pre-design to post-occupancy to ensure you meet your project accessibility goals and go beyond!

We also inject the prospectives of people who are Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent to test concept and specification planning as it relates to technology and functional use of space to ensure you are creating inclusive living opportunities for all!

What Our Clients Say 

"Marnie and her team have shared valuable knowledge and expertise in accessibility which has informed our business plan, grant applications, and functional programming for the space we are developing. She continues to collaborate with our team in each phase of this project to help us realize our inclusive community dream! "

-Margy Nelson

Cerebral Palsy Manitoba CoHabit

Are you interested in creating an accessible and inclusive Canada with us?

We would love to hear from you!

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