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Accessibility Technical Standards 

Contributing to development of accessibility standards is an important focus for Incluzia. With over 20 years of accessibility consultation, collaborating with older adults, people who are Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent, we know accessibility design standards need to improve to reduce barriers. We are committed to our contributions to remove barriers in our homes, workplaces and public spaces to increase accessibility, safety and social participation, allowing equitable access to environments, goods and services. 

CSA B-652
Accessible Dwellings

Canadian Standards Association Group and Accessibility Standards Canada have collaborated on the development of this important standard sharing their expertise and resources to improve accessibility standards across Canada. 

Marnie Courage, founder of Incluzia, sits on this Technical Committee, leading one of the committee working groups. 

This standard will guide accessible design and construction of new housing and adaptations to existing dwellings. It was published in February 2023.

B-652 Accessible Dwellings

Accessible kitchen featuring an accessible cupboard with pots and pans and a counter which can accommodate a wheelchair user.
An accessible outdoor pathway with a woman walking next to another woman in a power wheelchair with two dogs.

Accessible Outdoor Spaces

Accessibility Standards Canada is currently developing 8 accessibility standards to create a more inclusive and accessible Canada. 


One of those standards is Accessible Outdoor Spaces which will guide planning and development of Canada's outdoor parks and facilities.

Marnie Courage, founder of Incluzia sits on this Technical Committee, Leading one of the working groups. 

Public review is currently open and you have the opportunity to review and provide your feedback!

Accessible Outdoor Spaces



Are you interested in creating an accessible and inclusive Canada with us?

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