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Take a peek at some of our digital tools that are in development.


OT HomeFX Beta Version Demo Video

A Functional and Home Modifications Digital Assessment Tool. This customizable evidenced-based, progressive web application was designed for Occupational Therapists to increase efficiencies and reliability of home-based OT assessments. The off-line capabilities allows the assessor to use the tool where wifi connectivity is not reliable.

Hi, and welcome to the OT HomeFX demo video for our Beta version, launching later this summer.It's a functional and home modifications digital assessment tool for occupational therapists working in the community. It can help increase efficiencies and save you time!We're hoping you'll be as excited as we areabout the features it offers, like being able todictate your notes on the go, being able to upload scoring from supportivedocumentation and integrate it into your reporting. Annotating photos and uploading them directly into the tool, right into your report.So let's take a peek at this tooland see how it can help you.So you can see from the main menu that there'sa functional assessment, a wheelchair assessment, home modifications assessment, vehicle assessmentand all the recommendations that come with those occupational therapy assessments. On our intake forms, we have lots of information to collect on clients, our payers, or our customers, as wellas the assessor, the occupational therapist, including important information that you would be using for billing. We also collect three levels ofconsent to participate, to distribute information,and to take photos or videos. You can upload your own consent formsand integrate them right into your reporting. And when we take a look at the functionalassessment, you'll see that there's actually 40 occupational performance components to assess and choose from, and you can mark them as applicable or not applicable to customize your assessment and make it tailored for the clientthat you're seeing that day. I chose mobility for today's example, just to show you what that might look like. And you can see that we collect a lot of information about the individual's mobility, but we als oallow the upload of supportive documentation like the Berg Balance Scale or other screening you may want to add. If you don't see the solution you're looking for,you can upload or choose a photo of theequipment you would be recommending for that client. Then, when we look at another sectionlike your toilet transfer, we're collecting alot of information about what they currentlyhave, how they're managing with that activity. And again, you can see from the recommendations,you can choose the kinds of equipment, theADL equipment, or other kinds of support servicesthat that individual may need. Moving into the home modification assessment, youcan see we've covered typical rooms that would appear in most homes. We've also created four entrances to allow for multiunit buildings as well as single family homes. And we have lots of options interms of recommendations for those entrances. And the pictures really help, especially when you're tryingto show your client some of the solutions, what they look like, and how they could impact them.In addition, we have several other options otherthan the photos that we're looking for interms of home modification solutions, including pictorial referencesand your annotated photos to show exactly whatyou might want to do for somebody toimprove function, safety and independence at home. We recognize that these assessments need to be versatile,and that's why we look to other web basedtools that can be integrated into this assessment tool. So you can use an angle meter or adigital measuring app to be able to give concisemeasurements that will help inform your proposed floor plans, if you are including those as well. And with the recent publication of CSA's accessible dwellings CSA B-652, we'vegot excellent design guidelines and best practice. And the auto generated reports allow us tocustomize the reports to give the family members and healthcare professionals one version of a reportand a redacted version for the construction specialists and other people on the team. So as we go into the Beta testing of our exciting newtool, we would love to hear from you and find out whatfeatures you'd like to see on your OT HomeFX!

Man standing outside of house assessing accessibility features

Access Match

A web application that will help people find housing to rent or purchase with the accessibility features they need. We are currently working with other Canadian stakeholders to create a tool for property owners and managers to market thier accessible properties directly to older adults and people with disabilities.

Young boy with hearing aid learning sign language with female teacher

Disability Impact Tool

A customizable, evidence-based tool that measures disability impact and includes both functional and medical evaluation components to help determine eligibility for disability-related programs, benefits and service offerings.

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