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 Digital Accessibility

 Incluzia is a full service digital accessibility provider offering support, management, consulting, and PDF remediation services across Canada! Our digital accessibility partners will help you along your accessibility journey. 

Incluzia's new website is a work in progress, as we still have some remediation to do in the areas of site responsiveness and form features. Please contact us if you encounter any accessibility barriers during your experience with Incluzia.

Person with disability using head controls on wheelchair to access computer

What is the difference between Website Accessibility and Digital Accessibility?

Website accessibility: specifically refers to the principle that websites and associated content and technologies should be equally accessible to those with and without disabilities.


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) states, “web accessibility means that websites, tools, and techniques are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them.” They further add that, “people can perceive, understand, navigate, interact with the Web and contribute to the Web.”

Digital accessibility: includes web accessibility but also refers to the accessibility of anything digital such as video, audio, electronic documents, animations, kiosks, and mobile apps.

Our Digital Accessibility Services

We can assess the current state of your digital assets — such as websites, web applications and native apps — in order to understand accessibility challenges, map barriers to engagement and assess risks. We engage people with disabilities who have lived experience facing barriers to inform our professional auditing and consultation.

Automated Assessments:  Assess large numbers of digital assets with numerous elements to receive an automated digital report quickly and effectively. Evaluate your accessibility scorecard and identify potential accessibility failures.

Manual Audits: Our accessibility experts will manually audit key digital assets and specific elements to provide a strategic overview and detailed report on potential accessibility failures and user interaction challenges. We provide recommendations on corrective measures to improve digital engagement and compliance, to meet levels A and AA of the W3C WCAG 2.0/2.1 guidelines — with additional focus on de-risking and opportunity creation for your digital presence.

Assistive Technology User Assessment:

We understand the behaviours and challenges of users with disabilities and assistive technology devices, in order to improve quality of interaction. We deeply understand user needs to minimize failures, and maximally enable end-user interactions. User testing and remediation consultation will ensure your digital offerings are available to all.

Accessible PDFs


As many as 27% of your readers — decision makers, clients, customers, sales prospects, patrons, community members and employees — have some form of vision loss or disability, and can’t fully engage with non-accessible PDFs.

Accessible PDFs are enabled to work with adaptive devices — to interpret the text, images and forms — so readers with vision loss and disabilities can fully engage with the information. 

We’ll use best practices to make your PDFs accessible and compliant.


Call or email us for pricing and to learn how we can help you to move along your accessibility journey.

Are you interested in creating an accessible and inclusive world with us?

We would love to hear from you!

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