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Marnie Courage 

Accessibility and Inclusion Strategist

Public Accessibility

Marnie is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals
and partners with a multidisciplinary team of accessibility experts across Canada, to provide accessibility auditing and consulting. Marnie developed and instructs an accessibility course at the University of Winnipeg for HR PACE program, "Creating Inclusive Workplaces - Accessibility to Accommodation". Marnie is a technical committee member on Accessible Standards Canada/Canadian Standards Associations' Accessible Outdoor Spaces Standard and has provided consultation and adjudication services to Government of Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada, Enabling Accessibility Grant Fund. 

Accessible Housing

With a vision to create more accessible and affordable housing options for Canada's older adults and people with disabilities, Marnie is a passionate accessible housing advocate and technical expert. She provides consultation and training on accessible housing to developers, building professionals and health care professionals. Her accessible housing consultation benefits those designing and building new homes, multi-unit residential projects, and those modifying existing dwellings.


Marnie has 18 years of clinical experience providing occupational therapy home assessments and medical-legal services through sister company, Enabling Access, in Winnipeg. She holds an Executive Certificate in Home Modification from the University of Southern California and is an an international expert on home modifications and accessible housing.


Marnie is sits on the Canadian Home Builders Association's  Adaptive Home Council and is a driving member of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists' Home Modification Task Force.  She is also on the Technical Committee of the CSA's new Accessible Housing Standard, B652 Accessible Dwellings. Marnie is a content contributor for both the Canadian Age Safe Senior Safety Specialist course and co-author of the Canadian Home Builder's Associations Adaptiv Home training course.


Marnie continues collaborate with older adults,  people with disabilities, people who are Blind, Deaf, and Neurodivergent to make positive local impacts and have global influence in the areas of public accessibility and accessible housing to create more inclusive experiences and environments for all. 

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